KNX Actuators

KNX is the only international open standard for building automation system, which can achieve highly integrated intelligent control. INSPRID system devices includes power supply unit, binary input module and etc., all could be adjusted separately, powerfully using standard DIN rail mounting- supporting ETS intelligent programming, perfectly adapted to all KNX mainstream devices.


KNX- the only international standard for buildings

Time-testedover 15 years, KNX protocol is the only international open standard in the control system fieldfor homes and buildings. Its rigorous and thorough certification process is the necessary partto promise theinteroperability, interactivity and consistency between different vendors and different products in different applications.

Switch Actuators




INSPRID KNX switch actuator can be operated manually, not only suitable for control of lighting, heating and other switching loads, but also of the electric heating, pump and valve control. By ETS intelligent programming, it can be carried out by one-way adjustment, with diverse and practical features– more intelligent, considerate and perfect.
Delay function: Delay On / Off Time
Logical operations: AND, OR, XOR gate function
Safety feature: support for imperative operation and security insurance
Staircase lighting function: with warning before closing function, can also adjust the staircase lighting time
Threshold function: threshold can be set and controlled
Scene / pre-setting control: 8 bit/1bit

Dimming Actuator




INSPRID KNX dimming actuator to control all lighting equipment, at the same time with short circuit protection and over-temperature protection, which is with strong safety performance. By ETS programming, it can be achieved the multi-functions just through the single unit, such as:
Lighting function: switch lighting, stairs lighting
Dimming function: adjust the brightness of the lighting equipment
Reporting: status and error feedback
Scene / pre-setting control: 15 different scenes available for your pre-setting and saving

1-10V Dimming Actuator



1~10V dimmer actuator is well adapted to standard DC 1~ 10V interface on the basis of universal dimmer, with the appropriate equipment can fulfil diversified control of lighting, such as:
Lighting function: switch lighting, stairs lighting
Dimming function: adjust the brightness of the lighting equipment
Reporting: status feedback
Scene and pre-setting function: 15 different scenes available for your pre-setting and saving

Blind Actuator



INSPRID KNX curtain actuator adopts the smart combination of automatic operation and manual operation, providing a considerate user experience, mainly to achieve the automatic operation of blinds, curtains and other types of electric shutter. The functions below can be carried out by ETS programming:
Louver control: move, adjust, and stop
Scene and pre-set control: settable scene mode, also available for pre-setting and modifying
Two modes of operation: Blind mode, Shutter mode
Status Feedback: current position and the operating status
Periodic monitoring: automatic wind, rain, frost protection, automatic sun protection and other functions.

Fan Coil Actuator



INSPRID KNX fan coil actuator has four-way relay outputs so it can control single-phase three-speed fan, can also set the valve control or universal switch; it is more versatile and safe than you can imagine.
Multi-functions: the 1,2,3 Road interrelated, the fourthRoad can be not only individually configured to control valve, but also can be a switch actuator, providing flexible options for different controllingdevices.
Brilliant fan protection: adjustable fan speed for dwell time and delay time, providing limited speed range andimperative operation, to ensure reliable operation of the fan to a great extent.
Two control modes: Changeover mode and Step mode.

Classical · Elegant
Multi Optional · Stylish · Customised

With the strong support from Luxurite R&D and design team, INSPRID has launched multiple KNX products, covering all sets of the standard devices. Products hardwearing exterior fit the style of your room and add a touch of class to it; Apart from classic and touch panel models, INSPRID also offers the customised service.