Simple to Natural

The BEAUTY series home management system breaks the mould in product design with its understated elegance and eye-catching soft pastel-coloured controls. Easy to program and great to look at, BEAUTY lives up to its name in every way and will transform your home in more than just one way.


High quality guaranteed

KNX Association insists on strict and consistent high-level quality inspection and control for all products. Not only all the manufacturers are required to stand the consistency of the world’s most sophisticated quality framework of ISO 9001 before applying KNX product certification, but KNX products should also be coordinated to European and international standards of home and building electronic systems.

Unprecedented Performance

Personalised Smart Control

Variety ·Texture · Customisation

The innovative design of BEAUTY makes it a product that you will want in your home or business.
Fully customisable LED facias introduce a touch of sophistication and professionalism, and with unsurpassed quality of materials and build.

Three Styles with Five Colours

Black · Dark Silver · Gold · Silver · White

Safety, Convenience and Universal Application

Compatility · Suitability · Identity

The standard 86*86mm back box installation method features high environmental compatibility.