Follow the wonderful time

Following the symmetry aesthetics, the sense of unity and harmony runs through the rigorous structure, and the lamp belt design is added. The light and shadow increase the spirit and design beauty. Projected in every part of the building, accompany the user to spend a long time.

Openness and diversity

Choice on demand, very flexible

Bright have excellent inclusiveness, with bright screen, light band elements, low energy consumption, wireless transmission and other advantages. Supports multiple protocols to implement intelligent control requirements in any environment.


Light element

Approaching induction

Wireless transmission

Low power dissipation

PC optical materials

Unprecedented Performance

Three classic colours

Grey · Sliver · Gold

Safety, Convenience and Universal Application

Compatibility · Suitability · Identity

The standard 86*86mm back box installation method features high environmental compatibility.

Multi-protocol system

Choice on demand, very flexible

The Bright series supports many different protocols such as ZigBee, KNX, and Modbus, and users can select suitable products based on actual needs. The ZigBee smart home system supports up to 65,000 nodes with Super expansion capabilities; As the only certification agreement in the international building field, KNX has a significant advantage.