KNX- the only international standard for buildings

The KNX building control system provides seamless integration of your air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, and building monitoring arrangements into one central point.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in building automation and control, KNX is the standard in networking products. Its rigorous and thorough certification process is the necessary partto promise theinteroperability, interactivity and consistency between different vendors and different products in different applications.


With the advantage of energy saving and efficient integration, INSPRID KNX control system can fully satisfy the diverse control requirements by centralized monitoring and divided management, providing convenient, stable and economic efficiency for smart stadiums.

Auto Switch

With the Insprid panel, switching between different scene modes becomes amazingly easy. You can select exhibition scene, training scene, game scene, and show scene etc, each with its own settings.

Smart Control

Single switch, integrated switch, time switch and light sensor are combined to control lighting and air conditioning, customising the most optimum solutions for different areas, while increasing overall efficiency, optimising energy consumption and protecting lighting equipment and power grid to the greatest extent.

Sun-shading & Ventilation

With light sensors, the sun-shading and ventilation equipment automatically achieved the best energy efficiency. The linkage control with lighting and air conditioning contributes to maximise energy saving. Through monitoring weather conditions, the system automatically control sun-shading and ventilation equipment to protect in bad weather.

Economic Efficiency

Adopted advanced technologies, INSPRID employs integrated real-time monitoring to detect the status of all equipment in the stadium through the central control system, greatly increasing energy savings, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing economic efficiency.

Linkage Control

When fire alarm sounds, the lights turn off and emergency lighting is activated. Apart from security system, INSPRID also allows linkage control with audio-visual system, conference system, etc. to comprehensively improve management efficiency.

Security Detection

The entire circuit is under constant observation and once tripped, alarms notify the stadium management. The system monitors frequency, time, voltage and other equipment systems, ensuring that faulty equipment is found and replaced quickly.


Requirements in modernised stadiums are increasingly becoming diverse and complex, demanding an integrated control system. With the advantage of flexibility, adaptability, functionality and sustainability, INSPRID KNX control system customises comprehensive, stable, convenient and practical solutions, fully satisfying requirements of stadiums.