KNX- the only international standard for buildings

The KNX building control system provides seamless integration of your air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, and building monitoring arrangements into one central point.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in building automation and control, KNX is the standard in networking products. Its rigorous and thorough certification process is the necessary partto promise theinteroperability, interactivity and consistency between different vendors and different products in different applications.


INSPRID KNX intelligent building control system offers a comprehensive solution for the planning and construction of green campus, which fully meets the needs of all the key areas in the campus to ensure the safe and comfort teaching environment, promoting the management efficiency and fulfilling optimal economy.


INSPRID smart panel adopts firm installation method, which requires special tools to dissemble, to the most extent guarantees control system’s safety and stability. INSPRID system can automatically monitor and adjust the light intensity and temperature, taking advantage of natural light for energy efficiency.

Teachers’ Offices

Indoor lighting, curtains, air conditioning and other equipment can be adjusted and controlled by the Smart Panel. If there is any requests of a particular scene, such as staff meeting, the system can immediately be transferred from the office mode to the meeting mode to achieve convenient and efficient user-friendly controlling.

Playground/ Auditorium

INSPRID integrated controls lights, air conditioning, sun and various audio-visual equipment, supporting one key switching to rest mode, performance mode, presentation mode and meeting mode.

The Stairs/Aisle

Timer and motion detector works together to control the lighting automatically, adjusting the lighting according to different time. INSPRID will unlock the security mode to safeguard people when it’s dark.


Combining time pre- setting and motion detector, INSPRID automatically changes the indoor lighting and humidity by controlling the light, air-conditioning, fan and other equipment to ensure economic efficiency.

Smart Monitor

All sensors are well controlled by INSPRID to be responsible for monitoring every different priority area. The alarm automatically sends a signal to managed staff once danger situation happens, which will help take timely measurements and avoid risks and hazards.

Floodlight & Landscape Lighting

Campus landscape area and streetlights can be controlled with the combination of remote control, timer and lighting sensor to achieve the most appropriate adjustment for different lighting zones. On different holidays and different occasions, it can also achieve optimum scene mode setting.


As school bears the essential responsibility, complex structure and crowded areas modes no more meet the green campus theory. On the other hand, INSPRID intelligent control system with strong applicability mixes environmental protection and economic efficiency into the planning and construction of the campus, to create an energy-saving teaching environment and ensure the optimal economy. Emphasizing theory of energy saving throughout the entire campus management regulation will bring far-reaching positive impact of education.