KNX- the only international standard for buildings

The KNX building control system provides seamless integration of your air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, and building monitoring arrangements into one central point.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in building automation and control, KNX is the standard in networking products. Its rigorous and thorough certification process is the necessary partto promise theinteroperability, interactivity and consistency between different vendors and different products in different applications.


Comprehensively customised for villas & lofts, INSPRID KNX smart control system provides high-quality solutions, bringing comfortable, convenient and extraordinary living experience with the concept of pursuing perfection.


Installed on the wall of your lobby, INSPRID panel is amazingly easy to control. Endowed with abundant functions, the panel can even switch lighting simultaneously, enabling you to enjoy unparalleled convenience and security under any circumstances.

Living Room

You living room is the centre of your home; for meeting guests, for fun, for social events and just for relaxing, you can control the lighting, and temperature as you please, making it comfortable and elegant.

Dining Room

By multiply switching lights, b linds, air conditioning, etc., INSPRID brings you incomparable life of high quality. Apart from displaying and setting the temperature value, INSPRID control panel can also customise scene modes, satisfying your personalised demands to the utmost.

Master Bedroom

The integrated control including time switch, preset control and on-site control is adopted to control the lighting, blinds and air conditioning in the master bedroom, comprehensively providing a convenient and comfortable living experience. Customised modes like drinking mode, night mode and sleep mode makes a considerate 24-hour” smart

Home Theatre

With an INSPRID control panel, room temperature value can be displayed and set easily, while the control of lighting, blinds and audio-visual equipment can also be combined to create different scene modes, bringing high-level audio-visual feasts.


Utilising natural light, the system incorporates light sensors and timers to regulate and control the light you need, when you want it.

Corridor & Stairs

To complement the natural light, body sensors are installed at each floor, automatically controlling the lighting by detecting body movement. Safe, convenient and light-hearted, the personalised control successfully achieves energy saving and electricity efficiency.


Lighting when you need it as you enter your garage, and the assurance they will go out when you leave, gives you peace of mind. Insprid system controls your ancillary lighting with perfect ease.


Apart from satisfying basic living requirements, villa represents unparalleled high-quality lifestyle. With large space, numerous areas and complex management, the control demands in villa can no longer be satisfied by traditional management system. Providing high-end smart villa solutions, INSPRID KNX control system brings comfort and efficient living experience to meet modernised requirements. Flexible and artistic space control needs in lofts can be perfectly satisfied as well.