Integration of life and nature

Physical  connects the designer’s perception of the universe, nature, life, and beauty, betting on modern high-end technology, and becoming an objective existence of shape, color, sound, and taste.Natural elements are integrated into the design, and urban architecture feels the natural breathing.

Mult- possibilities

Functional diversity

The 10-inch screen controls all of the equipment in the building and presents the state of the device in real time. Wired connection wireless, reserve multiple data interfaces, more new features waiting to be explored.

Security Surveillance System

Maximise the luxurious feel

Relying on KNX, Physical can be connected to multiple cameras to provide access and intercom services. After the connection, all images in the area are transmitted in real time, adding a safety guarantee for the home environment.

 Process and Performance

Maximise the luxurious feel

LG original custom display, with the main control chip to improve the accuracy and performance of the product, improve the anti-decay and anti-aging ability of the product, the average service life increased by 5 times, the texture to maximize.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Maximise the luxurious feel

Be formed with UNIBODY, the metal panel embodies accuracy aesthetics; no more rigid crafting to integrate into various ornaments. Smoothly touching, to experience a new intelligent life.

Safety, Convenience and Universal Application

Compatibility · Suitability · Identity

The standard 120*120 back box installation method features high environmental compatibility.


High quality guaranteed

KNX is a byword in quality, and you can be assured that devices bearing the KNX brand have been produced to the highest standards. If there are any questions, KNX Association has the right to re-test the certified products, in order to achieve a high standard of quality assurance.