Time · Memory

PIXEL is embodied with neoclassical design style of late 18th century, meanwhile integrated with modern intelligent techonology. A sleek aluminium body envelops the panel, a crisp screen displays deep clarity.


KNX - the only international standard for buildings

Time-testedover 15 years, KNX protocol is the only international open standard in the control system fieldfor homes and buildings. Its rigorous and thorough certification process is the necessary partto promise theinteroperability, interactivity and consistency between different vendors and different products in different applications.

Unprecedented Performance

Hierachical menus and accurate positioning system provide the most convenient intelligent selection.

PIXEL is featured as characteristic icons and strong controllability.

Responsive human proximity detection function, to solve the trouble of groping in the darkness.

Fresh special UI interface is flexible for menu customisation.

Tradition · Innovation

Exquisite workmanship · Smart touch panel · Fresh UI interface

PIXEL carries on INSPRID’s design aesthetics, different from the traditional panel, it is extra bright capacitive touch screen; the combination of industrial control level of real-time operating system and powerful KNX system with customised UI interface realise the large degree of human-computer interaction.

Three Classic Colours

Silver · Gold · Dark Silver

Safety, Convenience and Universal Application

Compatibility · Suitability · Identity

The standard 86*86mm back box installation method features high environmental compatibility.


High quality guaranteed

KNX is a byword in quality, and you can be assured that devices bearing the KNX brand have been produced to the highest standards. If there are any questions, KNX Association has the right to re-test the certified products, in order to achieve a high standard of quality assurance.