System Devices

KNX is the only international open standard for building automation system, which can achieve highly integrated intelligent control. INSPRID system devices includes power supply unit, binary input module and etc., all could be adjusted separately, powerfully using standard DIN rail mounting- supporting ETS intelligent programming, perfectly adapted to all KNX mainstream devices.


KNX- the only international standard for buildings

Time-testedover 15 years, KNX protocol is the only international open standard in the control system fieldfor homes and buildings. Its rigorous and thorough certification process is the necessary partto promise theinteroperability, interactivity and consistency between different vendors and different products in different applications.

Power Supply Unit



KNX power supplies generate and monitor the KNX system voltage (SELV). The bus line is decoupled from the power supply by an integrated choke. The voltage output is short-circuit and overload protected.
Voltage output that can be used to power an additional bus line (in combination with a separate
Quick diagnostics by LED display and ETS communication objects.

Binary Input Module


Switching and dimming function
Value / forced output function
Scene control function
Switch sequence function
Counting function
Curtains and blinds controlling function
LED controlled function

Ceiling infrared transmitter


360-degree emitting,can control up to 256 infrared codes

KNX/Enocean Gateway


Powered by KNX bus with built-in antenna;
Available for 32 channels Enocean device two-way transmission (Wireless receiving the Enocean signal and inputing to KNX bus)
Working temperature from -5- 45℃,power consumption lowest to 0.6VA, waterproof rate as IP20

Classical · Elegant
Multi Optional · Stylish · Customised

With the strong support from Luxurite R&D and design team, INSPRID has launched multiple KNX products, covering all sets of the standard devices. Products hardwearing exterior fit the style of your room and add a touch of class to it; Apart from classic and touch panel models, INSPRID also offers the customised service.