With the unparalleled advantages, all devices of INSPRID are applied into KNX EIB bus protocol. Early in the 1990s, three major European bus protocols— EIB, BatiBus and EHSA merged Konnex Association and came up with KNX protocol. Based on EIB, KNX protocol is not only taking the physical layer specification of BatiBus and EHSAinto account, but also absorbingthe advantages of BatiBus and EHSA like theconfiguration mode and etc., intending to provide a comprehensive solution for home and building automatic control. After 20 years of development and improvement, as the only global standard of home and building control, KNX is devoted to ensure that all products bearing the KNX logo must be rigorously certified, promising the products’ mutual compatibility, interactivity and interoperability.

About ETS

ETS stands for Engineering Tool Software; a manufacturer independent configuration software tool to design and configure intelligent home and building control installations with the KNX system. All product databases with certified products from all KNX manufacturers can be imported in ETS. Everywhere in the world all designers and installers use one and the same ETS tool for every KNX project and with every KNX certified device. Reliable data exchange is therefore guaranteed. Guarantee of maximum compatibility of ETS software with the KNX Standard.

KNX System

INSPRID KNX smart control system is powerful to control switch, lighting, curtain, ventilation, humidity, air-condition, monitoring, alarm, resource management and other areas, covering full set of modularizationstandard device including KNX / IP gateways, sensors, actuators and couplers. It can achieve classic interoperability, interactivity and consistency of the smart controland the home and all potential functions and applications in homes and buildings.


High quality guaranteed

KNX Association insists on strict and consistent high-level quality inspection and control for all products. Firstly, before applying KNX product certification, all manufacturers are required to stand the consistency of the world’s most sophisticated quality framework of ISO 9001. Secondly, KNX products should also be coordinated to European and international standards of home and building electronic systems. If there are any questions, KNX Association has the right to re-test the certified products, in order to achieve a high standard of quality assurance.

KNX Is Suitable for All Kinds of Buildings

KNX system is the only international open standard in the buildings automation field, providing the comprehensive solution. Based on the KNX protocol,INSPRID control system simply connects the whole system via a bus, fulfilling lighting, electric blinds, heating and air conditioning system control, load management, direction, signal, operation control and security monitoring. Control system can be also connected to other buildings and facilities management systems, with wide range of applications, The system is suitable for hotels, commercial office buildings, high-rise residences, villas, stadiums, public transportations, schools, hospitals and other building types.