Smart Control Switch

Inspired by the sun, moon and time. The designer believes that the sun and the moon symbolize the flow of time, and life, society and the future are constantly developing in the alternation of the sun and the moon.


KNX - the only international standard for buildings

KNX Association insists on strict and consistent high-level quality inspection and control for all products. Not only all the manufacturers are required to stand the consistency of the world’s most sophisticated quality framework of ISO 9001 before applying KNX product certification, but KNX products should also be coordinated to European and international standards of home and building electronic systems.


Ambient light sensing

Link frame

Low power dissipation

Proximity sensor

Voice control

Powerful Function By Link

Smart Control Switch

Link creates more possibilities. The WAVE series includes buttons, voice, screen and other weak current control and strong current control, which can be freely selected and connected according to needs, and up to 5 panels can be connected. It is currently the most powerful intelligent frame panel on the market.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Maximise the luxurious feel

Be formed with UNIBODY, the ultra-fine metal wire drawing process shows precision aesthetics. Built-in circular RGB light strips, the panel is artistic, no longer a rigid craft. The touch is smooth, bringing a new intelligent experience.

Three classic colours

Blue Gold · Black · Bronze

Safety, Convenience and Universal Application

Compatibility · Suitability · Identity

The standard 86*86mm back box installation method features high environmental compatibility.


High quality guaranteed

KNX is a byword in quality, and you can be assured that devices bearing the KNX brand have been produced to the highest standards. If there are any questions, KNX Association has the right to re-test the certified products, in order to achieve a high standard of quality assurance.